Once a web project has successfully launched and been released to the big wide world, it's important to make sure it's kept up to date and well maintained.


Security patches and editor features are available for your content management system (Craft CMS) at least once a week. To make sure your site is kept safe from vulnerabilities and to make sure it keeps performing well, we recommend a support retainer to both patch and monitor it.

To prevent costly clean-up operations when something does go wrong or your site needs work done in future, we provide the following services either monthly or quarterly.

How does it work?

We provide the services below and email you with all the updates we carried out, highlight new features and make suggestions for anything that could be improved or needs some extra love. It means that you can sleep easy, knowing that the site is secure and you're getting all the new editor features.

...always displays total professionalism, great attention to detail and I know that I can rely on him to get the job done.

Jane Shepherd - Account Director, Hunter Design

Support & Maintenance

€150 monthly or quarterly

  • check icon Uptime monitoring & alerts via email check icon
  • check icon Craft CMS security & plugin updates check icon
  • check icon Performance Monitoring check icon
  • check icon Compatibility Testing check icon
  • check icon Form Tests check icon
  • check icon Broken link report check icon
  • check icon Weekly backups check icon
  • check icon Bug fixes check icon
  • check icon Support via email check icon

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€25 / month billed yearly

  • check icon VPS Hosting check icon
  • check icon Your own server check icon
  • check icon Server security updates check icon
  • check icon SSL Certificate check icon
  • check icon DNS Management check icon

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If your current shared hosting is unreliable and slow, and you want to take advantage of a modern hosting platform but don't need the support of someone to call on each month, we can also set up your website on DigitalOcean for a one-off cost of €250. After that, you'll own your hosting account and will be billed directly by DigitalOcean.

You're in safe hands

If you're got a project which needs some love and care or a new home, send us a message and let's get it back on track.

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