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I'm Daryl. I'm a British freelance Craft CMS specialist and front end developer living in Finland. I've been building websites since 2009, mainly as the front end developer - but my skillset is a lot wider than that. In my work with agencies I also play the development team lead, interviewer, client wrangler, quality assurance tester, "accessibility standards guy" and the "we've had an urgent email come in for something that needs fixing immediately - can you call Daryl?" guy.

I've coordinated multi-cultural, multi-national client meetings, fixed old broken sites, built new ones, done e-commerce, set up servers and maintain pretty much all the sites we've built recently.

When I'm not building websites I write reviews for video games, play the ocarina and am still learning Finnish.

Why me?

Over the last 13 years doing this job, I've learned two things.

  1. Good developers are really hard to find
  2. Communication is more important than almost everything else

I've learned that actually I'm good at what I do, and it's worth saying that. I'm communicative. I go out of my way to make sure that the projects I work on are successful. I make sure that they follow best practices, standards and legal requirements. And you're kept in the loop all the way through.

When I am in need of a Craft freelancer, Daryl is always my first choice.

Windy Swindt - Account Director, The Engine is Red

Direct Communication

If you want to talk to your developer, just pick up the phone, send me an email or Discord message. I prize communication above many other things and make sure you know what's happening on your project.

Peace of mind

I make the online part of your business hassle-free. The sites I build are really straightforward to update through a control panel and I'm always at the end of the phone in case you get stuck or need something else.

Ongoing Support

I love forming lasting relationships with people and working together to produce great results. If you need to add something to your website in the future, just get in touch and & I'll already understand your business.

On the off-chance that I'm unavailable or don't specialise in what you need, I also have a network of other freelancers available to make sure your business is always looked after. I'm also brutally honest when it comes to telling you whether I'm the right developer for your project. If you're set on spending tens of thousands of dollars on a WordPress website, I will explain why that's a bad idea.

Any questions?

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