Wild diamond

Wild Diamond Vineyards

Wild Diamond are a vineyard in California offering a small selection of boutique wines, available for direct purchase and through wine clubs. This Craft CMS website is integrated with VineSpring which allows them to manage orders and club membership, whilst abiding by all the state laws related to reporting and selling wine across state borders.



Loyal are working to develop therapies that treat the underlying causes of aging in dogs. This Craft CMS site gives them the tools they need to describe the aims of the project, connect with potential study participants and hire new team members.

Entrepreneur aligned

Entrepreneur Aligned

Entrepreneur Aligned work with high value clients to equip them with new tools and strategies for investment, and achieving the goals they want in life. This Craft CMS website helps to describe what it's like to work with EA, show off their services and connect with their community.



The BACB website has been constantly optimised and iterated on over the last few years to meet the client's evolving needs.

The site provides a glossary of terms, site search, gated resources, user tracking, career applications and an interactive map for information on BACB's global services.


Town of Windsor

This site is designed to encourage the economic development and investment in the town of Windsor, California. Bright and colourful, it shows off what life is like in Windsor, resident spotlights and includes key figures for download.


Danco Group

Danco are a construction company that specialises in building shelters and care homes for the vulnerable in California. The new Craft CMS site helps them to showcase their work and enables residents and contractors to get in touch with the right people, apply for jobs, and find existing projects.


Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge is a series of assisted-living homes for elderly residents based in California. Owned by Danco, this website focuses on showcasing the various communities and services they offer.

Knotty vines owl

Knotty Vines

The new Knotty Vines microsite showcases an awesome rebrand of a family of wines from Rodney Strong Vineyards. It has a strong focus on being edgy, helps users find out where to buy the wine and features a distributor toolkit for downloading brand resources.



Gasp! live up to their name and create bold, daring advertising campaigns that make them and their clients stand out from the crowd. They also run a podcast, regularly blog about marketing and have published a book about it all.

Rebuilding their site in Craft empowered them to build flexible page layouts and showcase their services.

Sonoma hill builders

Sonoma Hill Builders

Sonoma Hill Builders offer generations of experience to create stunning luxury residences in Sonoma County.

The site features lots of beautiful photographs of completed projects and is fairly light on text, so this rebuild in Craft helps them show off their images and make it easy to get in touch.


REFB Food Finder

Redwood Empire Food Bank are a food distribution charity in northern California. This page is a self-contained project which makes it easy for people to search for distribution centres near them, filter by distance, which category they qualify for and whether it's available today. Using Craft's multi-site functionality, the site is also available in Spanish.

Feel good brands

Feel Good Brands

Feel-Good Brands provides insight and strategies to help passionate businesses build commercial success, and make a positive impact on the world of their customers.

This site helps them to organise and publish the various content they produce for their customers; events, podcasts, blog articles and a yearly brands list.



Beyond are a design agency based in Maidenhead, UK. They have a strong focus on clients who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world.

The new site really helps showcase their video and animation projects.


Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a £1m prize awarded to engineering's greatest contributors every 2 years.

This website allows QEPrize to schedule articles, update winner information, designer profiles and various other content to all appear at the correct times across the year based on the date of the prize announcement.



BMG are a laser focused marketing agency for car dealerships, providing a wide range of print and digital services in a niche market.

Their previous site had become dated and difficult to manage, so rebuilding it in Craft gave them the tools they needed to stay competitive and stand out from the crowd.


Department of Health Services

This accessible multi-lingual landing page is designed to raise awareness of the importance of brushing your teeth. It supports English & Spanish, and is the endpoint of a social media campaign run across California.

Hg landscaping

HG Landscaping

HG offers a wide range of garden design and construction services in London. The new site showcases their beautiful work and brings their online presence up to date.

Hallway provided the designs & Conversion Rate Optimisation for the end client. We developed the site, modernised their existing content, made it straightforward to update on an ongoing basis and made sure that the whole site was targeted at turning visitors in to potential customers.


Zero Waste Sonoma

This US government agency provides information to the public on waste disposal options in Sonoma County. They had a huge amount of data in an Access database that they needed to get online in a friendly format.

The site shows users where they can dispose of various waste sorted by material, and plots local events and disposal points for those materials on an interactive map.



Meyenberg sell Goat Milk both through their website and other retailers in the USA. This rebranding and website rebuild allows them to communicate more effectively with their users and modernise their online appearance.

The site provides recipes, information on the benefits of goat milk, allows users to purchase directly through the site via integration with Snipcart.


Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power are helping to fight climate change by providing a greener energy alternative to residents of Sonoma County.

The site is in both English and Spanish, and provides an easier way for residents to find information on their choices, energy programs, videos, events and legal documents.

High Tide Website

High Tide

High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen has a reputation for the best pizza in Coronado, California. This project was to turn the designer's vibrant work into responsive templates that would then be integrated into WordPress. The unique grid system at the top and the way the site works well on any device has been a huge boost to their branding and client interaction.

Warrior Gyms

Warrior Gyms

Warrior Gyms are a jungle-themed sports adventure gym based in New Jersey. Working from provided designs, we built the front end of the website & integrated it with Craft CMS.

This is now an archived preview link, as WG went into administration during the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

The felix project

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is a charity based in London who feed the needy. They collect food that the supermarkets can't or won't sell and distribute it to other charities; to enable them to provide healthy meals and help the vulnerable. Working from supplied designs, we built the front end of the site and integrated it with Craft CMS.


Surface Stories

This site shows off Microsoft's latest line of Surface hardware. We helped Gasp to tell the stories of the hardware in an engaging way that stood out from the crowd using a fullscreen panel-based design, which works across multiple platforms and screen sizes.

This is now an archived preview link as the campaign is no longer running.


Russian River Valley

The Russian River Valley Winegrowers are an association of winemakers and farmers dedicated to producing exceptional wines that showcase the diversity of the valley’s neighbourhoods.

The site gives each member their own page which they can log in and edit through Craft CMS. It also has a workflow set up so they can publish their own events once they're approved by the site administrators. This keeps the website full of new content and gives members a stylish alternative to maintaining their own sites.


Swinerton Renewable Energy

Swinerton Renewable Energy formed in 2008 to bring better energy solutions to partners and communities. They've built over 3.5 GW of renewable energy projects worldwide, offering superior O&M service, and providing better local, long-term jobs.

The site features a unique design and integration with their energy reporting APIs. This allows them to showcase their projects on a filterable interactive map and show live information on how much energy each has generated.


The Abbey School

The Abbey School is one of the leading independent girls schools in the UK. They have a huge amount of information for parents and pupils, as well as multiple blogs and authors, and encourage staff and pupils to contribute to the website.

Working closely with the school, we built a site which makes it easy for everyone to write for the site, find what they're looking for, and draw attention to key information such as school closures, new articles and featured profiles.

Alpha Group

Alpha Group

Alpha Group are a local recruitment company specialising in the placement of highly skilled candidates in the IT sector in Thames Valley. They needed their website and branding to speak more clearly about who they are and how they do business, while providing clients and candidates with valuable information on recruitment, job searching and how to perform better in their role.



FirstCal are a family-owned, locally operated mortgage broker. They provide leads to their loan advisors to sell loans to potential home buyers.

The site provides a method to find a loan advisor by location or name on an interactive map powered by their API. It also gives each loan advisor their own page to use when advertising their services to clients.

FirstCal went into administration in 2018. This link is an archive of the site.