Week 2: Scope, Arrays, Loops

This week I cover more basics, and a few more useful resources I've stumbled across

Posted 21st June 2019 • Development • #javascript #learning

Nothing out of the ordinary this week - I covered some more concepts which are familiar to all coding languages:

  • Scope: The concept of how variables are available globally, or just within the function they're declared in. This part of the course also covered namespacing, and how it's bad practice to have too many variables available at the global scope. While this makes sense, it's also a concept I'm familiar with in my method of how I write CSS. I try to keep it simple with obvious variable names, and nesting simple names inside other simple names helps to keep them separate from other elements.
  • Arrays: Useful for storing lists of data. Can also contain other arrays (because life isn't complicated enough)
  • Loops: Looping over arrays to output content & other things. This will also be familiar to anyone using a CMS as you loop through things like articles or pages for outputting navigation.

I'm also finding that when I don't have time to sit down and do another section of the course for an hour, even just 5 minutes of looking over concepts and quick revision with the Codecademy app at least keeps your brain in-gear.

Useful Resources

  • I've heard of freecodecamp.org in lots of places. At a quick glance it seems hugely over-complicated (300 hours per course), but might be interesting to dip in to.
  • codecombat.com - I haven't looked at this yet but it seems like fun!
  • udemy - Another developer I chatted to this week about learning JS are following their Complete JavaScript Course
  • This Web Developer Roadmap is a little opinionated and has a few holes, but it's interesting to see potential pathways, as long as you stick with what works for you.

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