Windy Swindt Windy Swindt Account Director, The Engine is Red
"As an Account Director at an advertising agency I assemble many creative teams with a variety of freelancers, and Daryl is one of the best. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Daryl on multiple large and small projects, and he consistently exceeds expectations. He is reliable, thoughtful, a quick study, thorough, works quickly, communicates very clearly, is a team player, and now, also a friend. When I am in need of a Craft freelancer, Daryl is always my first choice."
Dave Seddon Dave Seddon Alpha Group
"Daryl performed an excellent job on the recently implemented project. It was well communicated to the reasons for the transition, well executed in that it delivered on time and well supported throughout the transition. It is this latter element that was particularly important to me given our lack of IT systems knowledge, yet at the same time the importance it plays on our business. Daryl was on hand to support the minor issues that arose even calling me throughout the evening to ensure everything was fully functional before work started the following day. Added to all this, Daryl is easy to do business with, honest, conscientious and fairly priced."
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Kelvin Sampson Kelvin Sampson JBKS Architects
"Daryl has served us brilliantly, turning our early ideas for a new website into reality. His professionalism, timely delivery, sound advice and quiet confidence has been much appreciated. He responded to our requests swiftly and with cheerful pragmatism, design flair and technical skill.

We are delighted with the end result and look forward to working with Daryl longer term to expand and develop the site further."
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James Valentine James Valentine Kohera
"Daryl demonstrates pure design-led professionalism with respect to the projects we complete together. He is a solid character with drive and determination. I look forward to working with him on new projects which the future will surely bring."
Sally Gray Sally Gray Magnet Netball Club
"Daryl surpassed all our expectations. We gave him a long lengthy wish list and then he gave us even more. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Working with him on this project was extremely easy and highly productive. The whole operation was quick, efficient and well explained throughout. The club members are delighted with the results and as Chairperson I feel really proud every time I log in."
Kay Pearce Kay Pearce Maristow Chiropractic
"You've been by far and away the most efficient developer I've ever worked with!"
Sashi Sehgal Sashi Sehgal New Directions
"Daryl is an excellent person to work with. He provided an excellent service, ongoing explanations and great IT support. I have recommended him to other colleagues and know that regardless of who hires Daryl, they will receive superb support."
Mike Chisholm Mike Chisholm The Physio Studio
"Daryl has now helped our businesses create 3 websites. He has been diligent and very patient with our lack of technical knowledge but high demands for functionality. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for his excellent work."
Steve Kent Steve Kent Steve Alphabet
"I employed CodeKnight to redesign my website portfolio. Daryl listened to what I needed, offered some great ideas and was very quick to draw up wireframes to accompany his proposals. I was really happy with the result and Daryl went the extra mile by enabling me to update the portfolio by myself in future. Thoroughly recommended!"
Ronnie Fleming Ronnie Fleming Globe Business Park
"I liked Daryl’s approach to the brief I sent out. He seemed to get very quickly what I needed in terms of functionality and the look of the site I wanted. Daryl’s approach to the task once we had awarded him the contract was to work with me in building the site bit by bit. If something he tried didn’t quite work for me he was very quick to adjust and fine tune the site so that it had the look and feel of what I wanted.

One part of the site was proving to be very tricky in that we had a lot of information to communicate but wanted to get it over without to pages being too large or spread out over several pages. Daryl suggested we try something different and it worked perfectly and is now one of the best parts of the site.

I am not a web expert and don’t know the jargon that web developers use. I’m glad to say that Daryl was unfazed by my lack of knowledge and talked me through each stage of the process until we ended up with the finished product that I am very pleased with. His approach was collaborative and supportive throughout and I was never made to feel that I was asking too much or that I would just have to put up with what was given.

The website has been complemented by businesses on the Park and by others working in the Business Improvement Community."
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Mark Thomas Mark Thomas Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Thames Valley
"We are utterly delighted with the website Daryl's built for us and working with him was a pleasure. He cooperated with us to create a site which is user-friendly & intuitive; it's exactly what we wanted. Our members are now booking events with us through the site and it is being used daily. We could not recommend him more highly."
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Donna Strachan Donna Strachan Kinnective
"Amazing - you are a total legend!"
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Josh White Josh White ClearBrand
"Daryl quickly understood the requirements for this website to host multiple companies under one roof. The site responds really well and we were impressed with his problem solving when issues arose. Really happy with the outcome."